Workers’ Compensation (Work Related Injuries)

Falling objects, exposure to toxic fumes, improperly maintained machinery, and dangerously slick floors are just a few of the many reasons industrial and work-related accidents lead to serious employee injuries. We, at the Law Office of Jose R. Fernandez, are equipped to handle your case and get you the best compensation possible.

Though the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) forced employers to improve their working conditions or face steep fines, many factories, refineries, foundries, and other industrial environments continue to operate with a blatant disregard for the rules outlining this important act. Non-union companies, especially, may take advantage of employers who are afraid to speak up about dangerous working conditions for fear of losing their jobs.

Because employers don’t want to spend the extra money to replace hazardous, outdated machines, perform various repairs, or inform employees of the dangers regarding certain chemicals, these companies put employees at a high risk for debilitating injuries such as head trauma, chemical burns, respiratory distress, spine and neck fractures, and accidents associated with construction site risks. For an analysis of your case, call the Law Office of Jose R. Fernandez, P.A. 

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